Ebony Alexis, also known as “EA” is a Tampa Florida native and currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. While obtaining a degree in Journalism, due to her love of writing, she also developed a passion for being in front of the camera.

Her Vibrant personality makes it easy for Ebony to connect with almost anyone. In addition to being a Media Journalist, Ebony has juggled many talents. Her modeling career launched her into all areas of high fashion, commercial, print, television, promotional and showroom work. Modeling and acting also allowed her the opportunity to work with a variety of noteworthy clients.

Ebony loves children and worked in childcare for several years and has obtained numerous certifications in Early Childhood Development courses. She is also a professional Makeup Artist, Hairstylist and Bartender. Anyone that knows her can affirm that she is a very creative, hardworking and enthusiastic individual. In the midst of her many talents, Ebony went on to start her own media company, Ebony Alexis Entertainment, known as “EA Entertainment.”

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